About Capital Wildlife Services

Capital Wildlife Services LLC is a local family owned company. While we are just as capable and qualified as our larger competitors, we recognize the value in exceptional customer care. Our founding beliefs and principles are simple: Treat all wildlife with care, compassion, and humanely. We use only approved Best Management Practices (BMP's) in regards to trapping. We also go above and beyond to make sure that all orphaned and injured wildlife has the best chance at release. In addition to our care and commitment to wildlife, is our commitment to our customers. We believe we owe it to our clients to do our very best to take care of their wildlife problems and to treat each customer with the utmost respect as if they were family.

Licenses / Certifications held:

  • NC Wildlife Damage Control Certification
  • NC Wildlife Rehabilitation License
  • NC Wildlife Endangered Species Permit
  • NC Wildlife Collection License
  • NC Wildlife Reptile & Amphibian Possession Permit
  • Certified Basic Wildlife Control Operator by the National Wildlife Control Operators Association
  • NC Wildlife Advanced Hunters Ed Trapping Course
  • NCDA Aquaculture License